Your school organised, ‘Van Mahotsav Day’, recently, Write in about 100 to 150 words a report to be published in the school magazine, report writing,

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Report Writing.

Your school organised ‘Van Mahotsav Day’ recently. Write in about 100 to 150 words a report to be published in the school magazine.


Annual ‘Van Mahotsav’ Day

Meera Desai

(Students’ Reporter)

10th July 2019

The Annual ‘Van Mahotsav’ Day was organised by the Trinity Scholars School on 7th July 2019 on the school premises. The day is celebrated as part of the ‘Go Green’ initiative of the school committee.

The event began with a simple, but effective speech about the importance of trees and their socio-economic effects. A few students from the committee highlighted the emotional impact of trees in addition to their environmental role. Several problems or issues created by deforestation and depleting trees were highlighted through the speeches. The students were made to understand and appreciate the role played by the planting and tending of trees in preventing global warming, reducing pollution, and promoting rainfall. This led to enthusiastic discussions among the students.

This was followed by the planting of saplings. The students showed great eagerness while planting the saplings of various trees. They were told about the importance of each tree that was planted and were given simple instructions on how to take care of the same. Several competitions like poster making, slogan-writing, and draws were conducted on the theme ‘The Importance of Trees in everyday life’.

The curiosity to learn and the will to create a change were clearly seen in the efforts of the students. They also learned that ‘Van Mahotsav’ is celebrated at the onset of the monsoon season because the saplings planted during this period have a greater chance of survival. These various activities helped to instill the value of social responsibility in the students.



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