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04 Sep 2021 3:56 pm

Writing An Essay

Category : Secondary School Level

Whatever you choose to write for an essay, you usually follow the same basic structure:




Begin an essay with an introduction which is the first paragraph. This paragraph begins with a specific sentence called the ‘essay statement’. What you intend to convey in your composition is contained in this statement. It introduces the main idea of what your entire composition will be discussing. Ensure your thesis statement is a specific statement and is focused on a single idea rather than several.

The opening paragraph should be designed to capture the interest of your reader. It focuses on your assertion, on what you are going to write about.

The body is a group of paragraphs that develop on the main idea as introduced in the main statement. The main idea must now be elaborated with each developmental paragraph discussing a supporting point for the main idea. Each paragraph argues, describes, explains, discusses, defines, clarifies, illustrates or whatever on the thesis statement.

Each body paragraph has the same basic structure. It has a topic sentence followed by four or five supporting sentences. One idea is discussed in each paragraph. Introduce supporting details, facts, examples, quotations for each of these ideas. A concluding sentence summarizing or restating the idea ends each paragraph.

The conclusion is a summary paragraph. You complete the composition by summarizing, reviewing or restating the main idea in different words or briefly stating your opinion, feelings or suggesting a solution. Ensure the concluding paragraph is not too long; three or four sentences will be enough.

Your essay should leave the reader satisfied. 


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