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Prepare a Shot tourist leaflet about your village / town indicate:

                           i.      How to go there?
                          ii.      Where to stay/ Accommodation
                        iii.      When to visit?
                        iv.      What to see?
                         v.      Anything special/ Add your own points.



Introduction:  Bangalore is a city of Roses with beautiful gardens. It is the capital city of Karnataka. It is a highly developed city.

i.                     How to go there: Bangalore is well connected with rest of India. One can go to Bangalore by the way of Plane, Bus      or Train:      Plane: Daily two flights namely IA – 550 and IA – 330 from Mumbai to Bangalore are available.

Bus: The State Transport Bus Services and many other private Bus Services are available from Mumbai to Bangalore.      Train: There are many trains available which can take you to Bangalore. The most convenient is      “Mumbai – Bangalore Express

ii.                    Where to Stay:     Accommodation is no problem in Bangalore. The Government tourist Hotels and other Big and                 Small hotels are available to suit ever one’s budget.

iii.                  When to Visit:      October to December is the best time of the year to visit Bangalore.

iv.                  What to See:        The climate and scenery of Bangalore is mind blowing. It is a well planned city with huge roads, parks, theatres, and gardens, there are many interesting places to see like Bull Temple, Tippu Palace, Glass house, the Museum, Vishan Sabha and many Palatial Buildings. It is also known as little Singapore.

v.                   Anything Special As far as food is concerned Bangalore is famous for Noodles, Gobi Manchurian, Channa Masala,  Idli fry, Prawns fry, Mugal Briyani, etc. The people are very culture oriented and highly intelligent. They give more importance to their education.


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