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With this unconfirmed news, board exams have become a hotly debated topic again. 

While some students and schools support the move saying that they are prepared to sit for the exams any time, others say that it will ruin their chances of applying for higher education.

An ICSE student said, “We are still not sure when offline classes will start. 

As of now, many of us feel that the online classes are only supplementary to the actual offline classes and hence, conducting exams based on online classes may not be a good idea.”

However another student said, “If the exams are delayed, then we might not be able to apply for higher studies, as the results will be further delayed.”

Gayethri Devi, Secretary of Karnataka State ICSE Schools’ Association, said that she preferred a “win-win situation” for students and councils.

“The decision of holding exams should be aligned with what happened at state board schools last academic year.

I feel that the schools should be prepared to conduct exams in March/April. We also need to understand the psychological constraints of the students.

If the exams are delayed further, it will definitely increase anxiety among the students.

The earlier the exams are finished, the better it will be for students to plan for their future.” She also said that the council has been periodically asking the schools to give an update on when the portions would be completed, adding that schools are on track with completing the syllabus via online classes.

Prashant Fernandes, Principal of Cambridge School, said that a formal decision on the exams was yet to be taken.

We don’t want to make a premature announcement that will confuse students. In fact, we are prepared to handle the exams at any time.

“If there is a delay, it will provide us an opportunity to conduct more practical classes for students and it will also allow students to clear their doubts and get more time to revise. At the same time, if the exams are deferred, we will have to re-adjust the next academic session.”


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