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Complete the sentence by choosing the correct option. 

1.The ancient event of Olympic competitions used to be held at ____________

  • Olympia, Greece
  • Rome
  • India
  • China

2.The wooden dolls made in Maharashtra are known as _______

  • Thaki 
  • Kalichandika 
  • Gangavati 
  • Champavati 

Identify the wrong pair in the following, correct it and rewrite. 

Mallakhamb – Outdoor game based on physical skills

Water polo – Water sport

Skating –  Adventurous ice sport

Chess – Outdoor game


1) It is correct. The game Mallakhamb was inspired by watching monkeys while they leaped and played on trees. Therefore it is categorized as an outdoor game based on physical exercise and acrobatics and other physical skills.

2) It is correct. The sport is played in water between two teams in which the goal of each team is to score by throwing the ball into opposite teams’ goal.

3) It is correct. Skating is one of the adventurous ice sport which is played on the sheet of ice. People love to experience the adventure involved in skating on the frozen water surfaces like that of a pond river or a lake.

4) It is incorrect. Chess is an indoor game. It is played between two opponents sitting opposite to each other with a chess board in between. It does not require an open environment to play rather one can play chess in a closed space by sitting at one place throughout the match.

Correction:- Chess – indoor game

Write note :

1.Toys and Festivals 


Toys and Festivals :

Festivals are the occasions which commemorate the history, and we get a glimpse of history and culture through them.

Toys are used as symbols and models to keep the history of each festival alive in the minds of the people as well as children.

For instance, the models of forts and soldiers are made to mark the birth anniversary of the Maratha ruler Chattarpati Shivaji Maharaja.

2.Sports and movies 


Movies and sports are related.

Movie makers use sports as the theme of the film.

Therefore, there have been several movies which have been released in various languages on the life story of famous sports personalities such as “Dangal” based on Phoghat sisters who were the first female Indian wrestlers to win gold medals at various international competitions.

People draw inspiration by watching movies depicting the struggle and hardships of those sportsmen.

Any such movie earns a huge profit as people can relate to real life examples and love to watch such films.

Explain the following statement with reason. 

1.Currently the structure of sports economy has been significantly affected.


1. The structure of the sports economy has been significantly affected due to the scattered sports fan all over the world. We can find fans of sports in every corner of the world today.

2. Growth and development of media have increased the number of people watching sports channels through various mediums such as T.V., internet, mobile phones and listening to the commentary of a sports event on the radio.

3. Sports channel earn money out of this huge fan following. The industrial and commercial industries look it as an opportunity to advertise their products and earn huge profits from it. Even the retired sportsmen have an opportunity to participate as commentators. Magazines related to sports are also being published and sold out.

2.Toys can tell us about cultural history. 


Toys can tell us about cultural history.

They are used as symbols and models for different cultures and traditions being followed since past thus keeping the memory of culture alive in present time.

Within cultural societies, toys are a medium to enhance a child’s perception of culture.

Whenever a cultural festival is nearby several toys as models occupy the markets.

For example, as part of Diwali celebrations in Maharashtra model forts are made.

This tradition keeps the memory alive of the important role of the forts in the history of Maharashtra.

Answer the following question in 25-30 words.   

1.Explain the importance of sports. 


Sports play an important role in building physical and mental capabilities of the person.

It enhances the leadership qualities of the person engaged.

It enables us to overcome sufferings and worries.

Games help in building a tenacious and strong body.

Playing games also helps us in developing courage, determination and sportsmanship.

Games help us to relax and refresh our minds.

Our immune system becomes strong and diseases stay away from us.

Sports combine physical exercise with entertainment.

2.How are professional opportunities available in the field of sports? 


The field of sports provides us with several opportunities to earn according to our interests.

For example:

* The students of history can find jobs in the field of sports journalism as one needs to have full knowledge of history to write articles, reviews about sports events.

* Expert commentators are in demand as wall these days.

* Industrial and commercial companies advertise their products through sports channels too and earn profit.

* Film makers really earns huge money when they choose sports theme for their films, featuring the life of any famous sportsman.

* Industries manufacturing sports equipments are also flourishing.

Write detailed answer to the following question. 

1.Write about the history of sports equipment and toys in ancient India. 


India is the land where popular sports like “ Gilli danda”, “Snakes and ladders”, “Chess”, “Kite flying”, “Kancha” etc have originated. The equipments such as Gilli (a small stick) and Danda (a large stick) , marbles, chess board, etc have been made in India.

“Kathasaritsagara” has very interesting description of flying dolls as well.

India’s toy history dates back to the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilizations.

Clay toys have been found in archaeological excavations.

Dolls are also mentioned in ancient India’s literature.

This throws light upon valuable toys used for playing by children in ancient India’s most developed cities.

India has invented several sports which are popularized all over the world.

2.Explain the close tie between sports and history. 


The games played earlier in ancient Greece, Rome ,Egypt and so on have now developed in successful sports being played across the globe.

The physical activity practiced in rituals, warfare and entertainment has developed into sports today.

The military training required to determine whether the person was useful for the service which involved competition indirectly between the aspirants.

Since those old days sports and games have developed to a great extent and globalization has increased the viewers.

Sports have evolved with the evolution of mankind and today people are bringing glory to their nations through competitive sports and games.

3.Explain the difference between indoor and outdoor games.  


1.Those games which can be played inside the home or any closed space are called indoor games .Those games which require a huge open space for playing and cannot be played inside home are outdoor games . 
2.There is no interference in the games by any kind of weather outside .The weather conditions interfere in the games being played . 
3.Such games helps to develop mental skills and capabilities .Such games develop physical skills and are mostly related to physical exercises .
4.These games require a small area and are played by sitting at one place . No movement required .These games require a large area and movement of the players occur from one place to another .
5.Examples : Chess , Snakes and Ladders , card game , carrom board .Examples : Crickets , Basketball , Baseball , football , Hockey , Kho-Kho .


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