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            Sports and games are important parts of human life. They help us to be complete human beings. They are essential for the growth of mind and body. You know that physical health is very necessary in life. If we lack health, we won’t be able to do anything in life. So sports give the body enough exercise for the body. They will make us mentally strong too. They will also help us to develop good personality.

         For some people, a sport is only about winning medals or prizes. But it is not a correct attitude. Winning is only one part of it. We should play to win, but should not be depressed by failure. Everyone should have the courage to accept the result of a match.

          Some people are interested only in watching games. In fact, we must try to take part in them as much as possible. The greatest advantage of sports is that it helps us to be active. We will be able to concentrate on our studies in a better manner. It also is an occasion to develop unity. Without this quality, success will be difficult in games.

         The virtue of tolerance also is important. We should not get angry with others. We must understand the feelings of other players. In short, sports and games make a person better and better. Moreover, it will help one to face difficulties. So, actively take part in the games. It will make your body and mind strong. 


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