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Question 1:

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word.

a. Laughter club is a remedy to drive away — — — –.

b. Alcohol consumption mainly affects — — — — system.

c. The act — — — — is to curb cyber crimes.


a. Laughter club is a remedy to drive away mental stress.

b. Alcohol consumption mainly affects the nervous system.

c. The act 2000 is to curb cyber crimes.

Question 2:

Answer the following.

a. Which factors affect the social health?

b. Which changes occur in persons continuously using internet and mobile phones?

c. Which problems do the common man faces due to incidences of cyber crime?

d. Explain the importance of good communication with others.


a. The factors which affect social health are:

Mental stress: The response of our body to a demand or threat is known as stress and it can be both physical and mental. Mental stress is a major contributor to poor social health. Increase in competition in several aspects of life has resulted in increased mental stress. Stressors like best education, better employment, hectic work schedules, nuclear families, loneliness, etc. have added to this menace. 

Addiction: Addiction is a mental condition in which an individual’s brain is manifested by compulsive use of harmful substances despite being aware of the fact that those substances are harmful.Things such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco are addictive substances, frequent use of which results to their addiction. The effect of these substances are long lasting on mental, physical and social health. Continuous use of such substances adversely affects the nervous system, thus impairing the thinking and decision making ability of the individual. It also leads to poor social health which affects the interpersonal relationships and the social status of an individual.

Incurable diseases: Diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis etc. are considered incurable diseases and are considered a deterrent to social health. Apart from being deadly and at times being incurable, there are various kinds of social stigmas associated with these diseases. People who suffer from such diseases are often excluded from society and forced to live a life of seclusion.

b. There are various physical and mental changes which occur in a person who continuously uses internet and mobile phones. Some of the physical and mental changes are:

Physical changes:tiredness and headacheinsomniaforgetfulnesstinnitus and joint painproblems in vision weight gain.

Mental and emotional changes:
the person becomes irritantlack of patiencedevelopment of aggressionthe person becomes introvert and self centered.

c. Cyber crime is a crime which uses the computer for carrying out illegal actions, such as hacking data, misuse/illegal sale of literature, etc. There are various effects which cyber crime has on the mental social health of an individual. It can lead to monetary loss, leak of data and personal information of individuals and organisations etc. Such kind of actions leaves a person traumatisedand disturbs the mental peace of an individual. This mental disturbance is reciprocated in the form physical and social effects which directly or indirectly affect the interpersonal relationship of individuals.

d. Communication is a vital skill which plays an important role from personal to professional life. Good communication skills does not only mean good verbal skills but it also implies to one’s listening skills. Communication with others helps to overcome your problems, provide you with moral support and also you get to understand the perspective of people on different issues. Good communication skills help people to gain confidence and overcome stress situations. Apart from being a good orator, it is important that you are a good listener too. One should listen patiently to people around them and help them in best possible way. Good communication skills help you to make friends with long lasting relationship. It also teaches you how to put forward your points without hurting the sentiments of others. In other words we can say that, good communication skill result in the all round development of an individual.

Question 3:

Solve the following crossword

1. Continuous consumption of alcoholic and tobacco-materials.

2. This app may cause the cyber crimes.

3. A remedy to resolve stress.

4. Requirement for stress free life.

5. Various factors affect — — — health.

6. Art of preparing food items.


Question 4:

Which are various ways to minimize stress?


Stress can be defined as the response of our body to a demand or threat and it can be both physical and mental.

There are many ways of handling stress, out of which some are mentioned below:

1. Positive thinking

2. Indulging in favourite hobbies, such as singing, dancing, gardening, etc

3. Going for walks and practicing meditation

4. Playing favourite outdoor games

5. Talking to close family members and friends.

Question 5:

Give three examples of each.

a. Hobbies to reduce stress.

b. Diseases endangering the social health.

c. Physical problems arising due to excessive use of mobile phones.

d. Activities under the jurisdiction of cyber crime laws.


a. Hobbies to reduce stress- Singing, playing sports and reading books

b. Diseases endangering the social health- AIDS, leprosy and mental disorders.

c. Physical problems arising due to excessive use of mobile phones- tiredness, headache and joint pain.

d. Activities under the jurisdiction of cyber crime laws- hacking of information, sale or misuse of written literature and spreading vulgar pictures.

Question 6:

What will you do? Why?

a. You are spending more time in internet/mobile games, phone, etc.

b. Child of your neighbor is addicted to tobacco chewing.

c. Your sister has become uncommunicative. She prefers to remain alone.

d. You have to use free space around your home for good purpose.

e. Your friend has developed the hobby of snapping selfies.

f. Your brother studying in XII has developed the stress.


a. If, I am spending more time on phones and video games, then the first thing is that I should realise that I am spending a lot of time on these things.

I would try to limit my usage of mobiles, video games etc.

by diverting myself into other activities.

These other activities could be anything like playing outdoor games, cooking or just meeting my friends.

I would make a conscious effort to take out more time for social gatherings and make new friends in personal rather than on facebook or other sites. 

b. If I find out that my neighbour’s child is addicted to tobacco chewing, my first step would be to inform his parents.

I would sit with the child and try to explain him the harmful effects of tobacco chewing.

I will show him/her certain videos and pictures which highlight the damage caused by tobacco chewing.

If required, we can take the child for professional advice.

c. There must be a reason for my sister to become uncommunicative and my first step would be to figure out that reason.

Once, I get to know the reason, I will help her in finding the solution to the problem.

If required, I would look for professional help for her in the form of a psychologist.

I would try to indulge her in more of social activities and things that she likes to do.

I would advise her to talk to her friends and people who are close to her.

Being uncommunicative and preferring loneliness is not a good sign, it is important to deal with it at the earliest. 

d. If I have free space around my house, I would use that space for various purposes like-kitchen gardening playing outdoor game staking classes for under privileged students making a creative corner planting ornamental and medicinal plants.

​e. Snapping selfies is a kind of addiction and this addiction is not good for physical, mental or social health. If my friend is addicted to taking selfies, I would prefer talking to him and highlight the dangers of taking selfies. I would bring into his notice the various incidents which have occured due this selfie addiction.

f. There are various reasons because of which my brother may have developed stress.

Most possible reason is, that he is in class XII and is worried about his board exams and his future.

However, my first step would be to sit down with him and understand the cause of his stress.

After understanding the cause, I would work with him to chalk out a strategy to solve his problem.

I would talk to him in a manner that promotes him to think positively and his mind gets diverted from negative thoughts.

Another strategy would be to suggest him to indulge in his favourite activities.

Question 7:

What type of changes occurs in a home having chronically ill old person? How will you help to maintain good atmosphere?


Having chronically ill old patients in a family affects the physical and mental state of others members of the family as well.

It is not easy to handle old age people and if they are ill, it becomes all the more difficult.

It not only affects the family monetarily but also drains them physically and emotionally as it is not easy to see the suffering of your loved ones.

Since, it is a tough situation, it is important that each and every person of the family keeps patience and stays calm.

They need to remain positive and ward off negative feelings and thoughts.

They should try to talk to the patient and share their entire day with them, even if they are not in a state of response.

Just being present around them, protects them from the feeling of loneliness.


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