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Remove too

The words too…to have a negative meaning.

It means ‘more than is necessary or desirable’.

Study the following sentences.

He was very nervous. He could not perform well on the stage.

Ans. He was too nervous to perform well on the stage

I was very busy. I could not talk to her.

Ans. I was too busy to talk to her.

The task was very difficult. I could not do it without help.

Ans. The task was too difficult to do without help.

It was very hot. We did not want to go out.
Ans. It was too hot to go out.

too → very,


extremelytoo ……to…… → so …… that ……cannot/ could not

Present tense, is, am, are → cannot.

Past tense, was, were → could not.

Remove ‘too’ from the following sentences and rewrite the same. 

1. It is too hot outside.

Ans. It is very hot outside.

2. These books are too expensive.

Ans. These books are very expensive.

3. Raja is too fond of sweets.

Ans. Raja is extremely fond of sweets.

4. It is too sour.

Ans. IT is very sour.

5. The king was too infallible (perfect) to make a mistake.

Ans. The king was so infallible that he could not make a mistake.  

6. I am too tired to think anything.

Ans. I am so tired that I cannot think of anything.

7. He spoke too fast to be understood.

Ans. He spoke so fast that one could not understand.

8. He is too proud to beg.

Ans. He is so proud that he cannot beg.

9. Hitler was too cruel to spare the Jews.

Ans. Hitler was so cruel that he could not spare the Jews.

10. The Chief Minister Mr. Raja was too busy to give us an appointment.

Ans. The Chief Minister Mr. Raja was so busy that he could not give us an appointment.

11. Parents nowadays are too busy to pay attention to their children education.

Ans. Parents nowadays are so busy that they cannot pay attention to their children education.

12. It became too dark to read easily.

Ans. It became so dark that one could not read easily.

13. I too won a ticket to go to cinema.

Ans. I also won a ticket to go to cinema.

14. He too got it right.

Ans. He also got it right.


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