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Time Allowed – 3 hours

Maximum Marks – 70


1. All questions are compulsory.

2. There are total 42 questions.

3. Question paper is divided into three sections-A, B and C.

4. Section A has question no.1to 14 (objective type questions) and are of 1 mark each.

5. Section B has question no. 15 to 28 (case study based multiple choice questions) and are of 1 mark each.

6. Section C has question no.29 to35 of 2 marks each, question no.36 and 37 of 3 marks each, question no.38 to40 of 4 marks each and question no.41 and 42 of 5 marks each.

7. Internal choices are given in some questions. 8.Support your answers with suitable examples wherever required.


Multiple Choice Questions

1. Choose the correct answer:

Which of the following statement is incorrect

a. In warm climate light meals should be planned.

b. In cold climate energy giving food are preferred.

c. Non vegetarian dishes are the only source of protein in one’s diet.

d. Food group is a collection of foods which have similar nutrients.


Which of the following statement is correct-

a. Expensive food is more nutritious.

b. Meals planned should be rigid.

c. Seasonal food is expensive.

d.Meals planned should be attractive and appealing.

2. Your friend does not like to include fruits and vegetables in her meals. She does not like to eat homemade meals. Convince your friend to include fruits and vegetables in his/her diet as it provides

a. Fibre

b. Fats

c. Protein

d. Omega fatty acids


What is the main purpose of carbohydrates in our body?

a. They provide chemicals to repair cells.

b. They help to maintain body temperature.

c. They are the main source of energy for the body.

d. They help in building the muscles of the body

3. For preparing fruit pudding , you need tinned pineapples and cherries. What point/s you will consider while buying tinned fruits? The tin should not be

a. Bulging

b. Dented

c. Rusted

d. All of the above

4. Your younger brother is going to buy vegetables from the vendor for the first time. Advice him which of the following point he can ignore while buying vegetables-

a. Freshness of vegetables

b. Price of vegetables

c. Measurement of weighing table

d. Pointer in the weighing balance

5. Predict the changes which occurs in relation to physical development –

a. Height

b. Weight

c. Body proportion

d. All of the above


Choose an emotional characteristic of a child who is in early childhood –

a. Unpredictable

b. Socially approved

c. Intense

d. Imaginary

6. When Rahul took out his shirt from cupboard hung on iron hanger ,it had a stain on it. Identify this stain –

a. Oil

b. Curry

c. Rust

d. Grease


Raj stained his shirt with newly painted door. This stain can be classified as

a. Dye stain

b. Mineral stain

c. Animal stain

d. Vegetable stain

7. You always find your mother doing many activities before she leaves for her office like preparing breakfast and lunch, ironing clothes, cleaning home, laundering of clothes, etc. This is called as-

a. Dovetailing

b. Peak load period

c. Leisure time

d. Flexible activities

8. Nitish always prepare time plan for his day and he is good in studies as well as swimming. Which of the following is/are advantage of time management

a. It helps in saving time.

b. It helps in saving energy

c. It generates free time.

d. All of the above


Radha always complains of lack of time to finish all her assignments. She fails to manage her time. Failing to manage time can lead to some consequences like

a. Less Stress

b. Greater productivity and efficiency

c. A better professional reputation

d. Missed deadlines

9. You have appointed a new cook at your home. Advice him at what temperature should cold and hot foods held to keep them safe? C° C and above 57°

a. Below 5 C° C and above 47°

b. Below 8 C° C and above 67°

c. Below 2 C° C and above 77°

d. Below 6

10. Mrs. Verma’ s three year old son has started going to nursery school. Advise her what kind of food should be given to him

a. Finger foods

b. Fried food

c. Sweet food

d. Strongly flavoured food


Your grandfather has turned seventy years old. Advise what kind of food should be preferred by him

a. Spicy food

b. Fried food

c. Strong flavoured food

d. Light and digestible food


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