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There will be no tollgates in any corner of India for the next two years.

Detailed information on this can be found in this news.

Tollgates on national highways are causing dissatisfaction among motorists. Motorists have been complaining for a long time that tolls are being collected at tollgates without providing any basic facilities. It is also their accusation that fee robbery is going on without following the rules.

Motorists are thus urging the permanent removal of tollgates. There have been several protests in Tamil Nadu over this demand. However the demand of motorists was not met. But in the next two years, India is going to be a country without tollgates.

Yes, that is true. But do not go to the peak of happiness for this. Even if there are no tollgates, toll collection will be done properly. More precisely, changes will be made to the toll collection system for the use of national highways.

Federal Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said yesterday (December 17) that the government has finalized GPS (Global Positioning System) based technology to ensure unimpeded movement of vehicles across India.

The government plans to levy tariffs based on this technology. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that the GPS technology will ensure that India becomes a toll-free country in the next two years. He said this while attending an event organized by ASSOCHAM.


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