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Write a speech of about 20 lines that you would deliver on the occasion of Independence Day Celebrations in your school.

Independence Day speech

Respected principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends,

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “ A man who is made for freedom has got to take tremendous risks and stake everything.” It was this inspiration that brought about our freedom. Yes, it was because our freedom fighters took tremendous risks and staked everything, that we breathe the free air of independence today. But, my friends, the task is not over. We have to take tremendous risks and stake everything in order to safeguard our freedom. And freedom from what? From corruption, communalism, illiteracy and poverty. The struggle for freedom is still going on. The fight continues unabated. Shall we prove to be citizens of substance or citizens of straw? This is the question we have to ask ourselves today. Shall we let this wonderful country of ours be ruined by the social, economic and political ills that have beset it? Shall we not make our country a truly liberated nation? Shall we not re-establish the glorious traditions and high moral aims which inspired our forefathers? It is for us, today, to look into ourselves, reflect and act.


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