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Flood situation in the city

Mumbai, 5th March, 2015.

Continuous rains for 48 hours resulted in a flood situation in Mumbai city. The large reservoirs at Lakes have 90% storage of water, which was filled to the edge due to the incessant rainfall on the 3rd and 4th March. The water level was rising at the rate or 1 foot in every 10 hours. In order to avoid the huge calamity, the gates of the dam were opened. Water was allowed to flow in the river. Naturally the rivers were enlarging in width and the current had a tremendous speed.
The people on the river banks were given a warning about the danger and shifted to local Municipality Schools, Hospitals and Marriage halls. About 15,000 families were provided temporary shelters. Food was supplied to them by various private companies and firms. The condition of the apartments of the riverside was equally shocking. In some cases, the water had reached upto the first floor. Even these people were evacuated to safer places. The water level at Dadar area had risen to the highest level. The flood situation was controlled with perfect planning. A large amount of water was allowed to flow. As a measure, the higher officials are planning to construct more reservoirs in near feature.


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