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Dear students,

10 important tips to help students score well in their upcoming board examination while preparing from home due to this covid pandemic.

Train your brain

Train your brain in a positive way, and do not load it with a lot of opinions. Be clear in your mind and do not stress yourself to cover things that are outside your reach. Make doable targets for a day. Do not attempt to study all in a single day. Try taking it slow and assign your revision consequently. Out of all the subjects try to pick up 2 or 3 subjects and select two topics from each subject and likewise go into the depths of the topics, instead of browsing all the topics at once.

Create a stable and calm study environment

Ensuring a stable study space is certainly significant, as it helps the student attain self-possession. The key is minimalizing the interruptions from the space, they can be in the form of sound and visuals. Avoid having your study area near to background sound of TV / music system etc.

Remember one thing right now when online study material is equally vital as offline, having a study area close to your Wi-Fi connection is the best option. Posters of encouraging quotes, motivating personalities can also be pasted.

Getting knowledge with important topics

The thought of going back to the whole chapter can be worrying for students. Therefore, highlighting the key issues can be helpful in learning and rethinking.

But how to know which topics are important? Various types of books that are available in the market introduces ‘One for All’ for class 10th to provide a deeper lens into the problems that are most likely to come in the Board Exams. You can buy any one of these books to have a deeper understanding of important concept.

Allways try to Solve sample papers

It is often said that there is nothing better than practice. Try to solve one CBSE sample question paper every day from 10 am to 1 am in an environment close to what you are going to expect at your exam center. Select a different topic for each of the five/six days. Assess manually at the end of the week, look at your strong and weak areas and try to resolve them in the weeks to follow.

Work on commonly committed errors

Many a times, students are not able to perform their best even though they know all the answers. There are many grammatical or writing errors made by the students. Hence, while preparing for exams, students must be conscious of such common errors.

Follow a proper time table

Go to bed early, get up in the morning, have breakfast and then study. Don’t try to be too late and avoid worrying about any counter-productive moments, be focused and keep preparing for the important day. Take an hour or two to rest and not worry about the exams. Read, sleep, play or whatever you feel that takes your eyes off the exams.

exercise daily and maintain good health are very important

Staying away from social circle are emotionally exhausting. To be happy and have stable mindset proper exercise is important. Exercise might appear to be boring in the beginning, but it helps to staying active and having better concentration.

Taking nutritious food is also important. It may not be as attractive and convenient as junk food, but it can provide the energy and stability that the body needs during rigorous study. Green vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and dairy products can help you too.

Feel free to seek support

Present situation is tough for everyone around; all are trying to fit in the new normal. It is common for young students to overthink about their projections and doubt themselves. In such extreme situations, it is vital to seek support of an adult or a friend. The most important thing is to open up about your state of mind; no good comes out of pent-up feelings. Parents and friends are the best choice for seeking emotional support during such times.


Exercise and meditation can help improve attention. Many of the sportspersons and sports professionals on a regular basis employ meditation methods. Studies have found a direct association between concentration exercises (meditation) and the performance level of sports professionals. Meditation strengthens the mind, it comes under control and is able to provide actual guidance to the physical body to efficiently perform all its tasks. Psychological exercises are a great way of improving attention and enlightening mental strength.

Board Exam Preparations can be worrying for many students, but a good plan can make the difference. The key to solve the door of success is only hard work and a lot of practice during the pre-board months. So, continue to practice, prepare and revise to succeed in the upcoming board exam 2021.


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