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Complete the sentence by choosing the correct option. 

1. ________are supposed to be the first keertankar in Maharashtra. 

  • Saint Dnyanehshwar 
  •  Saint Tukaram 
  • Saint Namdev 
  • Saint Eknath 

2.Baburao painter made the movie ___________

  • Pundalik 
  • Raja Harischandra 
  • Sairandhri 
  • Bajirao-Mastani 

Identify the wrong pair in the following, correct it and rewrite.

Raigadala Jevha Jag Yete – Vasant Kanetkar

Tilak Ani Agarkar – Vishram Bedekar

Sashtang Namaskar –  Acharya Atre

Ekach Pyala – Annasaheb Kirloskar 


(1) Raigadala Jevha Jag Yete – Vasant Kanetkar

It is a historical play written by Vasant Kanetkar.

(2) Tilak Ani Agarkar – Vishram Bedekar

Vishram Kanetkar wrote Tilak Ani Agarkar which was based on a historical theme. It showed the emotional and intellectual conflict between Tilak and Gopal Ganesh Agarkar.

(3) Sashtang Namaskar – Acharya Atre

Atre wrote his first popular play called Shashtang Namaskar in Marathi.

(4) Ekach Pyala – Ram Ganesh Gadkari

Annasaheb Kirloskar wrote a famous play Sangeet Shakuntal.

Complete the following chart. 

 Bhajan Keertan Lalit Bharud


 Bhajan Keertan Lalit Bharud
Characterisitcs It is a devotional song that glorifies God .It used a wide variety of instruments such as Taal , mridangam , etc . Bhajans are classified into two types – Chakri Bhajan where devotees move in circular motion and sing without a break . Songi Bhajan where in dialogues are delivered in the form of devotional songs . Tukadoji Maharaj propounded Khanjiri Bhajan . Saint Namadev was the proponent of varakari sect and the first Keertankar of maharashtra . Also called as Haridas or Kathekaribuva Keertankar dresses traditionally and learns singing , oratory , dance and humour .It is a form of entertainment that traces its history from Naradiya Keertan . It is famous in Maharashtra , Goa and KonkanIt is a song that is spiritual  and ethical in nature . It aims to educate people on various aspects of life . They are similar to road show .
ExamplesBhajans composed by saint Tulsidas and kabirKeertans performed in temples .Theatrical style performance based on the stories of Rama and krishna .Bharuds composed by saint Eknath are famous in maharashtra .

Write note : 

1.Need of entertainment 


Entertainment is the source of life and energy.

It refreshes our mind and soul and makes us feel lively.

It helps us feel energetic both physically and mentally.

It gives a feeling of happiness and leads to personality development.

Entertainment is distinguished into two types- active participation, which involves the participation of people in the activity.

For, e.g., rafting.

And passive participation, where people act as viewers/audience. For, e.g., a cricket stadium.

2.Marathi Theatre 


A theatre is a place devoted to dramas.

Vishnudas Bhave is known as the father of Marathi Theatre, who presented his first play known as Seetaswayamvar.

The plays provided insight into social issues. It is to be noted that no written scripts were used during this time.

In 1861, V.J. Kirtane wrote the script of Thorale Madhavrao Peshwe which began the legacy of writing script.

Later on, classical musical Marathi Theatre emerged as a popular taste among the audience.

3.Entertainment and professional opportunities 


The field of Drama and Movies have a great scope in future.

It provides professional opportunities to students.

A well-versed knowledge about the history of arts and architecture gears to become art directors or consultants.

Expertise in languages and cultural history also accompanies script and dialogue writers.

Explain the following statement with reason. 

1.Expertise in history is important in the film industry. 


Many movies in recent times are made on the lives of historical characters.

It is important for the makers to have knowledge of the historical facts due to the foll.


1. A large audience consumes the content delivered by movies and TV serials. The portrayal of wrong facts passes the wrong information to the public.

2. Many a times, sentiments are attached to a particular Empire or war, etc.

Wrong information by films may incite a feeling of disliking in these groups or in extreme cases may lead to violence on the issue.

3. It may become a reason of creating disruption in society and used negatively by non-social elements

2.Bharuds composed by Saint Eknath are popular in Maharashtra. 


Bharuds composed by Saint Eknath covered a wide range of subjects, have a dramatic quality, easy rhythm and humor which made it popular and distinct in Maharashtra and among people.

It also aimed at providing education on various aspects of life.

Answer the following question in 25-30 words.

1.Why is Maharashtra known as the land that nurtured the Indian film industry ? 


Maharashtra was the first state where written scripts were developed.

The first full-length movie was also made and released in Maharashtra.

A lot of stage plays were performed, and silent and sound movies were made that enriched cinema.

Thus, Maharashtra emerged as the land that nurtured the Indian film industry.

2.What is Powada ? 


Powada is a style of poetry written in the Marathi language.

It narrates historical events and heroic deeds of men and women in an inspiring manner.

They are a medium of creating awareness among the public.


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