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How to write English exams?

  1. English is one of the most difficult   subjects for students in Std X and XII.
  2. HSC board exams start on February with this ‘English subject’, but with a systematic approach to solving the paper students can expect to do fairly well.
  3. Here are certain points students should remember to ensure that they get the maximum marks.
  4. Tackle questions in the order they appear as the simpler ones are usually listed first. This way you do not waste time scanning for ‘easy’ questions.
  5. The summary section is of four marks of which one mark is given just for writing a title. Putting any simple title will get you full marks there.
  6. For the remaining three marks in the summary section ensure that you do not copy blatantly from the matter given, use your own words.
  7. In the comprehension section write only one sentence for one mark questions. Writing more won’t fetch you extra marks and will instead waste your time.
  8. While solving the ‘Tree-Diagram’ section, use only pencil to draw branches. Inside the box you can write with pen, but only in capital letters.
  9. In the ‘Tourist Leaflet’ section remember to draw a text box first and write only within that. You will be marked for creating text box. Within the text box write only in bullet points.
  10. While beautiful handwriting enhances presentation remember that speed is of importance. It is a lengthy paper and legible handwriting is all that moderators are looking for .


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