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Read the following statement and mark those that apply to you.

1.I make friends easily.


Yes, this applies to me. I make friends very easily.

2.I wish to be friends with someone but my friendship is rejected.


No, this does not apply to me. I am a very outgoing person and my friendship is accepted.

3.Someone has extended a hand of friendship towards me and I have not accepted it.


No, this does not apply to me. I accept and welcome new friends in my life.

4.I have a large group of friends but no best buddy.


No, this does not apply to me. I have a large group of friends. Yet one of my school friends is my best buddy.

5.I have a small group of close friends and have no wish to interact with anyone else.


No, this does not apply to me. Although I have many friends, I am open to interacting with everyone.

I have cordial relationships with all but I cannot connect with anyone.


No, this does not apply to me. I have cordial relationships with everyone. But I can also connect at a deeper level with anyone.

Complete the following web diagram.


If you see someone lonely or sad you will – 

  1. _______________________
  2. _______________________
  3. _______________________


If I see someone lonely or sad I will –

  1. Greet him/her with a genuine smile and ask about his/her well-being.
  2. Offer to go out for a walk with him/her.
  3. Ask him/her whether I can extend my help with anything that has been bothering him/her.

 Jo’s decision to make friends with the lonely boy next door proves to be a good one. Elaborate. You may begin with ‘Jo was a bold, friendly and warm person…’


Jo was a bold, friendly, and warm person who sensed that something was just not right with Laurie, the boy next door. All the luxuries and comforts of his home failed to cheer him up and his eyes seemed to be laden with a sense of longing for fun and people. With the noble intention of comforting Laurie and to make him sociable, Jo set out to befriend the boy next door. As Jo got Laurie talking she learned about how he found the March family picture perfect and happy in their own world. Jo was indeed right in her assessment of what exactly was bothering him. Laurie taking Jo‟s advice in the right spirit, their sharing of likes and dislikes, Laurie‟s acceptance to Jo‟s invite and their laughter filled conversations reveal the success of Jo‟s venture. Given Jo‟s nature, her plan was very unlikely to have backfired. Her decision to make friends with Laurie proved to be a good one, one that would go on to do a world of good to lonely Laurie.

Read the extract ‘Being Neighborly’ and complete the following statement:

1.To Jo the fine house seemed like ___________________.


To Jo, the fine house seemed like a kind of enchanted palace, full of splendors and delights, which no one enjoyed.

2.Jo swept a path around the garden for ________________.


Jo swept a path around the garden for Beth to walk in when the sun came out and the invalid dolls needed air.

3.In order to tidy the room, Jo __________________.


In order to tidy the room, Jo brushed the hearth, straightened up the things on the mantelpiece, re-arranged the books and the bottles, turned the sofa away from light, and plumped up the pillows.

Bring out the contrast between the two houses with the help of the following points.

House of MarchHouse of Laurence
1. Old, brown housea. ___________________
2. ___________________b. Well kept grounds
3. Children played all around.c. ___________________
4. ___________________d. No motherly face smiled at the windows.


House of MarchHouse of Laurence
1. Old, brown housea. Stately stone mansion
2. Bare and shabbyb. Well kept grounds
3. Children played all around.c. Lonely and lifeless sort of house
4. A warm household with an elderly lady.d. No motherly face smiled at the windows.

The traits of the characters you meet in the extract are jumbled. Sort them out and write them in the appropriate columns.

(Shy, bold, gruff, friendly, withdrawn, perceptive, empathetic, playful, lonely, happy, gentlemanly, frank, mature, dull, sharp, adventurous.)



Write down in your own words the way Laurie confirmed the names of the March sisters.


Laurie asked Jo whether Beth was the rosy looking sister who stayed at home most of the time and carried a little basket whenever she went out. He then confirmed if Meg was the one who looked pretty and Amy was the one with curly hair.

Give a brief account of the interaction between Grandpa and Jo.


Jo was looking at Laurie‟s grandpa‟s portrait when Laurie‟s grandfather walked into the library. Thinking that it was Laurie who had come in, Jo started commenting on the portrait without turning to see whether it was actually Laurie who had come in. On hearing Jo‟s observations about the portrait, Laurie‟s grandpa thanked her. Jo blushed on realising that Laurie‟s grandfather had heard everything. At first, she wanted to run away, but knowing that she would be termed as a coward if she ran away, Jo decided to stay and face the situation. Grandpa asked her a few questions and seemed to be pleased with her earnestness. Gauging the situation rightly, Jo boldly mentioned Laurie‟s plight to grandpa and offered a solution. Grandpa too acknowledged the same. Further, Jo and grandpa had a hearty conversation about the well-being of the March family. Finally, he urged Jo to visit their house more often. Overall, the interaction between Jo and grandpa was a dramatic but pleasant one. Jo returned ecstatic about how she had handled the tricky situation.

Find proverbs, maxims, and Idioms related to ‘friendship’.

(a) For example Birds of a feather flock together.

(b) _________________________

(c) _________________________

(d) _________________________

(e) _________________________


  • Birds of a feather flock together. – Idiom.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed. – Latin Proverb.
  • A friend’s eye is a good mirror. – Irish Proverb.
  • A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. – Grace Pulpits
  • Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends. – Aesop
  • A friend will tell you things you don‟t want to tell yourself – Frances Ward Weller.
  • Friends are relatives you make for yourself. – Eustache Deschamps.
  • A friend accepts us as we yet help us to be what we should. – Author Unknown.
  • Friends are like walls. Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes it’s just good knowing that they are there. – Author Unknown.
  • A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg, even if you are half-cracked – Author Unknown.

1.The extract deals with the atmosphere of two homes. Collect the words associated with – Home.


Home: Brown, bare, shabby, stately, stone, mansion, big coach house, rich, palace, cozy, hearth, mantelpiece, sofa, pillows, lamps.

2.The extract deals with the atmosphere of two homes. Collect the words associated with – Library.


Library: Books, pictures, statues, cabinets, coins, curiosities, hollow chairs, velour chairs, queer tables, bronzes, quaint tiles, portrait.

3.The extract deals with the atmosphere of two homes. Collect the words associated with – Garden.


Garden: Well-kept, conservatory, lawn.

Change into indirect speech.

1.¨Do you like your school?” asked the boy.

“Don’t go to school; I’m a businessman- girl, I mean”, answered Jo.


The boy wanted to know whether she liked school. To which, Jo answered that she did not go to school. She further added that she was a businessman, and jovially corrected herself by adding that she meant „girl‟.

2.Jo flourished her broom as she called out… “How do you do? Are you sick?”

Laurie opened the window and croaked out as hoarsely as a raven……

“Better, thank you. I’ve had a bad cold and been shut up a week.


Jo asked Laurie about his well being as she flourished her broom. She further enquired whether he was sick.

Laurie opened the window and replied to Jo in a rough and unusual voice that he felt better than earlier and thanked her for her concern.

Laurie added that he had been shut up for a week due to a bad cold.

3.“The pretty one is Meg and the curly-haired is Amy, I believe?” – Laurie

“How did you find that out?” – Jo


Laurie confirmed with Jo whether the pretty one was Meg and the curly-haired one was Amy. To this, a surprised Jo counter questioned Laurie how he had found that out.

4.“I’m not afraid of anything, “returned Jo, with a toss of the head.

“I don’t believe you are!” exclaimed the boy.


Tossing her head, Jo replied that she wasn’t afraid of anything. To which the boy exclaimed that he too believed she was not afraid of anything.

1.Narrate in 100 words an incident, that illustrates the way a friend of yours ‘made you feel happy and accepted’, at some point in your life.


True Friendship

I had recently moved to a new city and joined a new college.

Though I eventually made a lot of friends in college, the first person who befriended me was Tanya.

On my first day in college, she offered me a seat next to her and we have been friends ever since.

I remember one particular incident that happened when we were in the second year of college.

I had chosen a very controversial topic for the debate competition.

When I put forth my argument, everyone, including the judges, didn’t like what I had to say.

However, Tanya stood by me and made me understand that I was not wrong.

The topic I had chosen was bound to get that kind of reaction and that I should not let that bother me.

Over the next few days, anyone who tried to make me feel bad about the debate topic, Tanya told them off.

Eventually, things got better and I had Tanya to thank for it.

She was the one who made me feel happy and accepted when I myself wasn’t convinced that I had done the right thing.

2.Give reasons, for us being reluctant to make friends with some strangers, but being comfortable with some, even after meeting them for the first time.


Because of the way some people carry themselves, we tend to term them as closed or reserved.

The gait, body language, and tone of these people make them appear unapproachable.

Our inhibitions and apprehensions about a negative outcome stop us from befriending such people.

In contrast, some people appear to be warm and welcoming.

Their mannerisms and speech indicate that they are willing to befriend anyone.

When we come across such people, we feel that they are far more approachable.

The pleasing personality of such people gives us the impression that we have known them for a long time even though we are meeting them for the first time.

3.Are friends different from neighbors? Are you friends with your neighbors? Give examples and write.


Friends and neighbours denote different sets of people but it is possible to have friends who are neighbours and neighbours who are friends.

Interestingly, we become friends with our neighbours very easily as we interact with them on a daily basis.

I am friends with almost all of my neighbours.

I started visiting my neighbour, Mrs Deshmukh‟s house, to learn charcoal painting from her.

Her son, Aarav, and I have been great friends ever since.

4.Make a note in your exercise book about how people amused themselves in earlier times, without TV, internet, or social media for entertainment.


Entertainment in the good old days

TV & the internet were both invented in the early and late 20th century respectively. Other inventions during the 19th and 20th centuries included a variety of machines and means of communication. Prior to these inventions, a simple job, like sending messages across or traveling would keep people occupied the whole day. This saved them little time for leisure.

Today, one can simply switch on their TV/computer in their leisure time. But before the advent of TV, the internet, and social media, there were other ways in which people would amuse themselves. Book-reading, listening to music (live or radio), outdoor and indoor games, street plays, story-telling are some of the activities that kept them occupied. Rabindranath Tagore is one of the most famous contributors to the literature, music, and art of that time. Children would spend time playing a variety of games like kho-kho, Gilli danda, marbles, and kabbadi, to name a few. Chess, carrom, ludo, are some of the oldest indoor games that our forefathers have enjoyed playing.

Use your imagination and extend the story in about 100 to 150 words.


That entire evening Jo couldn’t stop smiling. Meg warned Jo that it was still very early to expect Laurie to be normal and social, but Jo chose to ignore her advice. To Jo‟s utter disappointment, Laurie was nowhere to be seen in the house the following week. “What could be possibly wrong? Is he sick? Did I freak him out by being overfriendly?” All sorts of questions started creeping into Jo‟s mind.

Finally, on the 7th day, Jo went up to Laurie‟s grandfather to enquire about Laurie. Jo was relieved to know that Laurie was visiting his uncle for a fortnight. It would be a week more before Jo could invite Laurie over to her house. Jo went to bed early that night. The bell of the March‟s house rang at the stroke of midnight. It was odd at that hour. Surprise! It was none other than Laurie with a giant birthday cake for Jo!

If you are social, like to meet new people, can empathise and connect with people easily, make a list of careers available to you, and write in brief about them.

For example: Human Resource Development or HRD.


  1. Human Resource Development:
    As a human resource manager, you are expected to deal with the company personnel or people at large. Some of the aspects of this job are recruiting people from varied backgrounds, facilitating their training and development, and ensuring job satisfaction as well as harmony for people, as the employees of the organisation. All these tasks become fairly simpler if one is a social and outgoing person.
  2. Teaching
    Teaching in a school or college is a job that requires dealing with students and faculty all day. Students always look up to their teachers as they help the students to learn and grow. This profession is not the best -suited for introverts or shy people. However, energetic and social individuals can thrive in such education-related careers.
  3. Nursing
    Nursing is a specialized profession that involves tending to the sick and interacting with patients, their near ones as well as healthcare professionals. For someone with good people skills, nursing can be a satisfying job. Patients recover quickly if a caregiver has a pleasant personality.


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