Outline: Walking necessary for health – morning walk a pleasant pastime – pleasures of nature – rising sun – powerful influence of the wide expanse of the Ocean.
I always go for a morning walk along the seashore. Morning walk is a very healthy exercise. There is nothing more bracing for the tired body and the dejected mind. This morning walk always refreshes my body and spirit. It is more conducive to health than any other form of exercise. I take a brisk walk after a night’s rest before I go to school. It freshens and invigorates my mind so that I am able to apply myself to my studies with redoubled energy.
The morning walk that take along the seashore is also a pleasant pastime. I set off from my home at an early hour in the morning. I forget all my cares and worries and feel as happy as a bird. The walk acts like a tonic to my mind.

I have a meditative turn of mind. As I saunter along the seashore, I enjoy the pleasures of an elevated nature. I sit down for some moments in a lonely corner and listen to the soft murmur of the waves. Soon the sunrise glows near the horizon. I contemplate the heavens overhead. I see all nature clothed in its finery. There is a freshness of beauty about the palm-studded seashore. These whispering palms give me a keen sense of enjoyment.
As move up and down the seashore, I see the rising sun. It paints the distant skies with a hundred different hues. It is a lovely scene. The birds hidden from my view among the leaves and the branches of trees greet my ears with their musical notes. The contemplation of these beautiful sights of Nature produces a wholesome effect upon me. Sometimes it urges me to study Nature with the zeal of a bookworm.

The wide expanse of the ocean has a powerful influence on my imagination. It leads to those lofty thoughts, which a walk in the countryside fails to inspire. The calm and beautiful silence of the ocean, broken only by the never-ending murmur of the waves, stills my soul. It acts as a tranquilizer. The great ocean, with its thousand tongues, speaks to me. As I have a philosophic and poetic mind, I can understand its mysterious language. The influence, which the immensity of the ocean exerts on me, is so great that it is no wonder that millions of people offer their prayers to the Almighty, facing the sea.


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