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My father bought a new car one day. We were all very excited. He promised to take us to Melaka to visit my grandparents the coming Sunday.Sunday morning was bright and breezy. We hopped into the brand new car and soon we were heading out of Petaling Jaya towards the expressway. My mother sat in the front passenger seat while my father drove. I sat behind with my younger sister.As it was Sunday the roads were not very busy. Soon we were on the expressway travelling at a leisurely pace. My father is a careful driver and he does not drive too fast or dangerously. This proved to be good for there was a speed-trap manned by the police along the expressway. I saw some cars stopped by the police. They had obviously been speeding.Driving along the expressway tend to be monotonous. I actually fell asleep once we passed Seremban.When I awoke, we were already at the Ayer Keroh toll gate. My father paid the toll and steered the car towards Melaka Town. On the way we passed many interesting sights. My father promised to stop by on our way home. We had to visit our grandparents first.We left Ayer Keroh and all its factories behind as we journeyed into the town itself. Like all towns, there were many cars and other vehicles. Also there were many tourists. Melaka has many places of historical interest and thus this was not surprising.Finally we arrived at my grandparents’ house in Klebang Besar. The journey had taken about two hours. We stepped out of the car. My grandparents greeted us happily.

a wide road built for fast moving traffic travelling long distances, with a limited number of points at which drivers can enter and leave it

staying the same and not changing and therefore boring

stop byto visit someone brief, usually on the way to another place


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