Headlines are given in the questions.

Students have to develop news from that headline. Generally the news of accident, sports, strike, rain, celebrating, shooting, looting and  blast ask to write.                                        

Parts of the news

1. The Headline – Write the given headline in capital letters. It should be in Present Tense. Avoid articles, prepositions, helping verbs and conjunctions.

2. Dateline- Includes

I) Name of reporter or news agency: e.g. By our Reporter/By our local Reporter
ii)  Date: e.g. August, 2 iii)Name of city/town: e.g. Mumbai.

3. The Lead /Intro: The first paragraph of news is known as lead because it leads reader to the second paragraph of news. It should be of three /four lines or within 30 words. This paragraph provides answers to the questions like who, how, where ,when, why and what. These questions are asked in respect of the event or incident happened.

4.  Continuing paragraph.; It gives  the detail description of the event. The sequence of description is most important, important ,less important ,least important. Format of News




Continuing Paragraph.


BY Our Staff Reporter,

Solapur: 15th December.

Near about 12 persons killed and 13 injured in a strange accident when  a bus struck to huge tree at 4 a.m. on Pune-Solapur highway near Degron due to break problem of the bus.

The super –express bus coming from Chiplun and bound to Solapur came near Degaon at 4 a.m. .It suddenly struck to a huge tree . The accident was very horrible .The front part of the bus was completely damaged. Many people could not understand as they were in sleep. The driver of the bus who escaped unhurt told to have lost of control as the break failed. The bus was carrying 6 passengers .Out of 12 persons 9 were died on the spot and 3 died in the hospital. The injured were admitted in the civil hospital. The government declared Rs. 100000/- each for families of the dead. The police arrived with ambulance after an hour.

                                                                                                               HEAVY RAINS DISTURBED THE LIFE IN WESTERN MAHARASHTRA

BY Our Reporter,

Mumbai, July ,15.

 Heavy torrential rains for 3rd day with strong winds have caused havoc in Mumbai and Konkan area of western part of Maharashtra taking 5 lives and bringing all activity to stand still.     

In last 24 hours this area received a total rainfall of 10 mm. Roads and rail traffic were badly affected in entire area .A few districts like Alibag reported disruption of telephone lines. Most of the main roads were completely flooded. In many areas the electric poles have fallen down. Mumbai faced a blackout due to the power  cut. Several low lying areas were flooded rendering many hutments and pavements dwellers homeless. The municipal authorities promised to clear the drainage . the local M.L.A. visited the scene and promised financial help to affected people. The forecast for tomorrow indicates that the rains would abate.


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