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17 Jan 2021 9:32 am

Q7.(B)The following Homographs have the same spelling and pronunciation; but can have different meanings. Make sentences of your own to show the difference.



(a)firmMy neighbour recently joined an electronics firm as Sales Executive.
Many people feel that they must be firm with their children when they are growing
(b)trainThe train left from platform 2 at sevenp.m. sharp
You must always train your pets to obey you.
(c)typeThe man asked his secretary to type the letter immediately.
Cows eat only a particular type of grass.
(d)postMy aunt quit her job because she felt that the post was not suitable for her.
The little boy ran to the post office to post the letter to Santa Claus.
(e)currentThe minister was disturbed when he read about the current situation of unrest in the country.
It is a difficult task to row against the current in a river.


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