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16 Jan 2021 8:42 am

Q3.(B) Write your own response to the following question, and justify where needed:

(a)Is the poem a prayer for India alone?


The poem is a prayer for India alone, but it is also relevant for countries all over the world.

(b)What should the words we speak reflect?


The words we speak should reflect your sincerity and truthfulness.

(c)What should people keep on widening? How can it be done?


People should keep on widening their attitude and outlook. This can be done by getting rid of prejudice, travelling to different places, and through education.

(d)From what darkness of night should our nation awaken?


Our nation should awaken from the darkness of prejudices, division of society, old traditional rituals and customs that are harmful, imparting of knowledge to selected people, insincerity, untruthfulness, fear, and lack of self-respect.

(e)What attributes of Rabindranath Tagore does the poem (prayer) reflect?


The poem reflects Rabindranath Tagore’s patriotism and love for his country, his clear-thinking his broad outlook, his scientific attitude and his emphasis on hard work.

(f)What effect does the repetition of the word ‘where at the beginning of each line achieve?


The repetition of the word ‘where’ at the beginning of each line gives a musical touch to the poem.


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