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16 Jan 2021 8:38 am

Q3.(A).Answer the following question in your own words.

(a)How is the world broken into fragments?


The world is broken into fragments on the basis of religion, caste, race, creed, gender,etc.,

(b)Explain what the ‘tireless striving’ should be for.


According to Tagore, ‘tireless striving’ should be for people to achieve perfections without giving up.

(c)’Where words come out from the depth of truth.’ Explain in your own words.


‘Where words come out from the depth of truth’ means according to me, means the people do not fears speaking the truth, and the speak with sincerity of heart with no corruption or malice in their hearts. 

(d)Who is ‘Thee’ in the poem? What does the poet appeal to ‘The’ to do?


‘Thee’ here in the poem refers to the almighty god. The poet appeals to thee to help the people leed into the heaven of freedom so that the people awake with good thoughts, good words, and good action.

(e)What qualities does the poet wish to inculcate in his countrymen?


Fearlessness, indiscrimination, truthfulness, hard work, perfection, logic, broad-mindedness.


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