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ssc, 10th std, chapter 2, the thief’s story, English, Maharashtra, board, ebalbharathi, solution,

16 Jan 2021 9:04 pm

Q9.Imagine that Anil catches Hari red-handed when Hari is stealing the money from under the mattress. Compose a short dialogue between the two, which reflects Anil’s shock and Hari’s repeated apologies.


AnilWho’s that? Hari? What are you doing?
HariUm..nothing; I was just seeing if your money was safe.
AnilYou mean you were trying to steal my money. You are dressed; you were planning to rob me and run away! Yes, that’s it!
HariI’m sorry, Anil, I’m sorry.
AnilHow can you steal from the hand that feeds you? I thought you would have improved! Don’t you want to read and write properly? Do maths?
HariI did not think about it. I’m sorry, really sorry.
AnilAlright, I’ll overlook this, providing you promise me never to steal again, from me or from anyone else.
HariYes, yes, I promise. Will you really forgive me and continue to teach me?
AnilYes. I hope you keep your word.
HariThank you. I’ll keep my word. I promise. Sorry once again.



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