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ssc, 10th std, chapter 2, the thief’s story, English, Maharashtra, board, ebalbharathi, solution,

16 Jan 2021 8:52 pm

Q7.Write a character sketch of ‘Hari Singh’ with the help of the following points, using the paragraph format.

Hari Singh’s background

His dishonesty

His aspirations

His courage to change himself


Hari Singh was fifteen years old, but already an experienced and fairly successful thief. He used to change his name frequently so as not to get caught by his former employers, whom he must have cheated, or by the police. He even cheated Anil when he went to buy the daily supply of groceries. However, he wished to get an education so that he could become a big and respected man, who would be able to achieve a lot.

He stole a large sum of money from Anil, but regretted it when he realized that in doing so he had lost his only chance of getting an education. He is courageous enough to return the money, even though he knows that he may be caught in the process. However,his desire to change himself is so great that it motivates him and gives him courage to return to Anil



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