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13 Dec 2020 5:37 pm

          Republic Day is a national festival. It is celebrated on January 26. It is a very important day for our country. India has a very good constitution. It was on this day that constitution came into effect.

          A lot of programs are arranged to celebrate Republic Day. In Delhi, there is a colourful procession arranged. The Indian Army conducts a march past. Hundreds of soldiers actively take part in it. The President of India receives Salute. Thousands of people gather there to take part in the celebration. Artists from various states also present some cultural shows during this celebration.

          On this occasion, the President and the Prime Minister address the nation. They greet the Indians living all around the world. Many guests from foreign countries also join the celebration. It is an occasion for all Indians to be happy and proud. Unfurling of national flag also is an important part of the Republic Day celebration.

           This day reminds us of our duties. We have some responsibilities for the country. We should obey the constitution. More that that, we must try to be good citizens. Republic Day is a national holiday.  


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