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Report writing, JEWELLERY WORTH RS 10 LAKHS LOOTED, ssc,

20 Nov 2020 9:30 am


Mumbai, February 21 :
In a daring daylight robbery, jewellery worth Rs. 10 lakhs was looted from a jewellery store in the heart of the city yesterday afternoon.
The robbery is the latest in the spate of robberies in the area. This incident occurred in the premises of Dharavi Jewellers located in the 60 Feet Raod, Dharavi, Mumbai. Around three in the afternoon, two well-dressed youths entered the showroom, appearing to be customers. For a while they looked at some ornaments, appearing to be interested in buying them. Suddenly one of them whipped out revolvers and held the owner at gun point. The other smashed the glass cases and stuffed jewellery into an air bag. They then cut the telephone wires and fled in a waiting car. Anil, the owner, raised an alarm before summoning the police. He reported that jewels worth almost a millions were missing. The police questioned the staff members about the physical appearances of the men. They are on the lookout for the thieves.
When Contacted Mr. Ragavan, the chief police officer he said, “We were inspecting some important clues and we will arrest the thieves as early as possible”.
By Staff Reporter.


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