My School

22 Nov 2020 5:52 am

Today I would like to speak to you a few words on ‘My School’. The name of my school is S.I.W.S.  Public School and it is situated in Dharavi, Mumbai District. I am proud to say that my school is one of the best in this locality. The presence of loving teachers and friends really makes it a heaven.

The beautiful compound fills my little heart with a lot of happiness. And I feel like moving around like a butterfly. Everyday, I play with my friends in the School compound. When I enjoy the time time. When I am among the compound, I feel that I am the luckiest child in the world.

The love and care of the teachers is something unforgettable. Though I am away from the parents I don’t feel their absence. The teachers help me to be a good child who is loving and responsible. They light the lamp of knowledge within my heart. I am very much thankful for their service.

I love my school. But, I will not just stop with these words of praise. I know that the best way to express my love for the school is to be a good child. I will be a good student in all respects. I will study well, play well and more than everything I will be a good human being.

You should also try to love the school and everyone here. They should be respected. Because they make us better everyday.  


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