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Chapter 5 – Reconstitution of Partnership (Death of Partner).

02 Jan 2021 5:48 pm

Chapter 5, Reconstitution of Partnership, (Death of Partner), [Latest edition], Balbharati, Solutions, for, Book keeping, and, Accountancy, 12th, Standard, HSC, Maharashtra, State, Board,

Write a word, term, phrase, which can substitute the following statement.

Excess of credit side over the debit side of profit and loss adjustment account.Profit

Debit balance of Realisation account –Realisation Loss

A Person who represents the deceased partner on the death of the Partner.Legal Heir’s or Executor

Accumulated past profit kept in the form of reserve.- Reserve fund or General reserve.

The Partner who died.- Deceased partner.

The proportion in which the continuing partners benefit due to the death of a partner.- Gain/Benefit ratio.


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