Chapter 4 – All the World’s a Stage.

19 Jan 2021 10:27 pm

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Q1.Pair up with your partner and name the following:

Q2.Life is often compared to many things. Write down 7 things that life can be compared to and justify the comparison. For example,

Q3.Match the approximate ages with the stages.

Q1.Read the words in given clouds. Match them with what they signify.

Q2.Read the poem carefully and complete the following table.

Q3.Write down in your own words the differences between the following stages of a man’s life.

Q4.Pick out lines that contain Imagery (a picture created in the mind by using words) of the following people.

Q5.You will notice that there is no Rhyme-scheme in the poem. It appears similar to the poem 1.1 ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’ by Tagore.

Q6.Think and write on your own.

(a)What is the theme/central idea of this poem?

(b)Which two stages of man, described by Shakespeare, sound humorous? Say why.

(c)The last (7th) stage of life sounds very sad and miserable. How can you make old age also cheerful and happy?

Q7.(A).The poem is entirely metaphorical. Pick out the comparisons from the poem.

Q7.(B)Pick out from the poem two examples of each.

1. (a)Simile

2. (b)Onomatopoeia

3. (c)Alliteration

4. (d)Metaphor

5. (e)Inversion

6. (f)TransferredEpithet

Q8.Read the summary of the play ‘As You Like It’ by William Shakespeare using the Internet. Find out which character has narrated the above poem and on what occasion. Also, make a list of all the characters of the play.

Q9.Read the poem again and write an appreciation of the poem in paragraph format.



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