Chapter 21 – Drafting a Virtual Message.

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Chapter 21: Drafting a Virtual Message

1.Given below is a two-way communication cycle or the process of communication.

Can you guess the role of the sender and the receiver in this process? What do we encode? What do we decode?


The sender could be anyone with more authority or understanding than that of the receiver. The receiver could be a subordinate. The role of the sender is to give feedback and that of the receiver is to implement it. In the process we encode the feedback and decode the message received.

2.People send messages to others for different purposes. Mention at least five purposes/reasons for which messages are generally sent.


  1. A message can be sent to inform someone.
  2. A message can be sent to alert someone. 
  3. A message can be sent to greet someone.
  4. A message can be sent to express displeasure.
  5. A message can be sent to announce the news.

1.Given below is a tree-diagram explaining two major types of messages. Complete the blank boxes in the diagram. One is done for you.


1.In pairs, enact the given conversation between Rakesh and Mrs. Sarkar.

  • Rakesh: Hello, may I speak to Dr Sarkar?
  • Mrs. Sarkar: He has gone to the hospital to attend the OPD. May I know who is speaking?
  • Rakesh: Yes. I am Rakesh Sood. My wife has been having a severe headache since yesterday. Since this morning she has also developed a high temperature. I would be very grateful if the doctor could come over to our place to examine her.
  • Mrs. Sarkar: Of course. Please let me note down your address.
  • Rakesh: It is B-49, New Colony.
  • Mrs. Sarkar: I will give him your message as soon as he returns.
  • Rakesh: Thank you.

Mrs. Sarkar had to leave for the school where she teaches. So she wrote a message to her husband. Draft the message in not more than 50 words.



1st June 12:30 p.m.

Dr. Sarkar

Mr.Rakesh called up to say that his wife is down with a severe headache since yesterday, which turned into high-temperature today morning. He has requested that you visit them at the earliest. Address – B – 49, New Colony.

Mrs. Sarkar

2.Using information from the dialogue given below, write the message which Amrita left for her brother, Sourajit. (Do not leave out any vital information or add any new information).

  • Shekhar: Is this 28473892?
  • Amrita: Yes. May I know who is speaking?
  • Shekhar: I am Shekhar. I want to speak to Sourajit. I am his friend from IHM, Goa.
  • Amrita: I am his sister. Sourajit is not at home at the moment. Can you ring up a little later?
  • Shekhar: I shall be a little busy. Actually, I have got a placement at the Hotel Mumbai and will have to join with immediate effect. So right now I am trying to get all the formalities completed. This is the news that I wanted to give Sourajit. Will you do that for me? Also tell him that I will let him know my new cell phone number as soon as I get one.
  • Amrita: I’ll do that. Bye and all the best.

Amrita had to leave for office. So she wrote a note for Sourajit. Draft her message in not more than 50 words.



5th Nov 1:20 p.m.


Shekhar, your friend from IHM Goa had called. He wanted to inform you about his new placement at the Hotel Mumbai. He is currently completing the formalities and would give you his new cell phone number as soon as he gets one.


3.You are Priyanka, a personal assistant to Ms. Sen. She was away attending a meeting when Mr. Garg rang up. You spoke to him and jotted down his message in your note- pad.

Draft the message for Ms. Sen using the information in your notes given below.

Mr. Garg – rang up – 5 pm – has received the CDs and the posters – coming tomorrow – to thank Ms. Sen and to personally hand over the cheque.



28th Jan 5:15 p.m.

Ms. Sen

Mr. Garg rang up at 5 pm today. He wanted to inform you that he has received the CDs and posters. He expressed his pleasure and will be coming to the office tomorrow to thank you and personally hand over the cheque.


4.Read the following conversation between Aashna and Mr. Singh.

  • Aashna: Hello, may I speak to Ranajit, please?
  • Mr. Singh: Ranajit is getting ready for school. May I know who is speaking?
  • Aashna: My name is Aashna. I am Ranajit’s classmate.
  • Mr. Singh: Hello, Aashna. I am Ranajit’s father. Is there any message?
  • Aashna: Yes. Please ask him to bring his biology notebook to school today. I was absent from school due to illness. I would like to see the notes which our biology teacher gave to the class during my absence.
  • Mr. Singh: I will definitely do that. Since

Mr. Singh had to go for his morning walk he left a message for Ranajit. Draft that message in 50 words.



3rd Dec 7:15 a.m.


Aashna, your classmate called while you were getting ready for school. She has asked you to carry your biology notebook to school. She wants to complete her notes that she missed during her absence.


5.Rajat comes home from school and finds the door locked. Since he has a duplicate key he enters and finds a note from his mother kept on the table. In it, she explains that she had to rush to the hospital with Mrs. Manohar, their neighbor, who had met with an accident. She has also written that he should have the rice and curry kept on the dining table for lunch. He could heat the food in the microwave oven if he wanted to, but he should be very careful while handling the switch.

Draft the message which Rajat’s mother left for him.



19th Sept 12:30 p.m.


I have taken Mrs. Manohar to the hospital as she met with an accident. Please have the rice and curry kept on the dining table for lunch. Warm the food in the microwave oven if you wish, but kindly be careful while handling the switch.


6.Using the information given below, write a message which Manu left for his sister, Renu. (Do not add any new information. The message should not exceed 50 words).

Ruhaan rang up-book-reading session –‘Children Ask Kalam’ – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam – a compilation of letters received by him from children and his answers Oxford Book Store – 8 pm, this evening, – pick you up – 6:30 pm-attend reading session together.



30th Aug 4:00 p.m.


Ruhaan called to inform about book reading session at Oxford Store at 8:00 p.m. Topic -‘Children Ask Kalam’ by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. It is a compilation of letters received by Dr. Kalam from children. Ruhaan will pick you up at 6:30 p.m.


7.Given below is a template for a message. Imagine you are working as a receptionist in a company and you are supposed to maintain the call record. Complete the details given in the template for a particular message.


Call for: Mr. Sharma
Mr. BhideTrish Electronics
15.04.202005.30 pm(0009561278)
The shipment of highlighter pens has been received. Call scheduled for tomorrow at 12 a.m. to discuss about the next shipment. Request you to be present for it with your team. Will call again to discuss details.
Action (Circle one)Taken by
PhonedReturned your callCall backWill call againMs. Akshata Shah

1.Browse the net and prepare a tabular column to explain the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ while drafting messages.


1. Address it to the right person1. Don’t address it to many people
2. Keep it short2. Avoid the use of humour
3. Use simple language3. Don’t exaggerate
4. Be specific4. Stay away from adding unnecessary details
5. Ensure you include important details5. Don’t be repetitive
6. Be prompt in drafting the message6. Don’t forget to write your name

2.Browse the net to find innovative ‘Message Templates’.


Do it yourself.

3.Prepare a collection of short messages that are usually drafted and exchanged within the family members to keep them well informed and updated in case of different situations.


SituationMessage Template
Someone would be lateThis is to inform you that I am going to be late today. Please don’t wait up for me.
Run out of the groceryI have gone to the market to buy grocery. Will be back in an hour
Helper’s leaveKamlabai called up to inform that she cannot make it today. Her daughter is unwell.
Someone’s invitationMohit called up to tell you that you have been invited to his birthday party at 8:00 p.m.
Repair man calledThe repair man called and wanted to know when would be a good time to visit. Kindly call him back.
AnnouncementThe local authorities have announced a water cut on Monday. Be prepared.

4.Prepare a project titled, ‘The Importance of Messages in Everyday Life’.


Importance of Messages in Everyday Life

  1. Messages help you stay aware of the latest updates.
  2. They’re short, simple, and easily understood.
  3. They help you to communicate with your relatives, colleagues, friends, and family.
  4. Better, stronger, and more reliable relationships can be built.
  5. They help improve situations in the best interests of those involved.
  6. Finally, they help us fill all the gaps in understanding those around us.



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