Chapter 20 – Statement of Purpose.

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Chapter 20: Statement of Purpose

1.Match the professions with the desired qualities.

1. Businessmana. reading, experimenting, research
2. Artistb. alert, investigative, love for physical activity
3. Advocatec. convincing, selling, risk-taking
4. Policed. imaginative, creative, thinking out of the box
5. Scientiste. logical reasoning, oratory, critical thinking


1. Businessmanc. convincing, selling, risk-taking
2. Artistd. imaginative, creative, thinking out of the box
3. Advocatee. logical reasoning, oratory, critical thinking
4. Policeb. alert, investigative, love for physical activity
5. Scientista. reading, experimenting, research

2.What is your career goal?


My career goal is to become a Scientist.

3.Which of your qualities would help you in achieving your career goal?


My career goal:

  1. Reading
  2. imagination
  3. sympathy
  4. understanding the surroundings
  5. writing
  6. researching
  7. language skills
  8. thinking out of the box

4.List the obstacles which might hamper in achieving your goal/s in life. One is done for you.


  • Lack of proper guidance
  • No opportunities to grow
  • Absence of relevant courses
  • Zero acknowledgment
  • Lack of appreciation
  • No added activities

1.Discuss and exchange your views with your partner about your career plan.


I want to be a renowned Pastry Chef when I grow up. The movie, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, made me realise my true love for creating delectable confectionery items to satisfy my sweet tooth. The first cake I baked, was lined with lemon slices. I used a traditional soil lined, copper vessel to make it. Since that time I have always tried to sample different cuisines with a natural preference for desserts. I am currently taking a workshop titled – ‘You are what you eat’, wherein I am learning to cook all sorts of healthy food items. My parents and my sister are so far my critics and enthusiastic audience. My workshop instructor feels I have a way with food ingredients and incorporate feedback with great ease. It is my ambition to study at the Culinary Academy of India.

1.You must have decided your aim in life. Which institute/university would you like to join for your diploma / graduation? Write a Statement of Purpose as a part of your application to the institute/ university.


My aim in life is to become a chef. I’d like to join the Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad for my graduation.

Statement Of Purpose

I was fascinated by cooking since the early years of my life. Coming from a large extended family, summer vacations were spent visiting relatives, having them over and spending a good amount of time cooking and eating. In fact, mom says, I’d spend more time in the kitchen with my granny than in the toy room with my cousins. With an insatiable appetite to eat and an unquenchable thirst to whip up innovative recipes, I believe being a Chef has been my lifelong calling. George Bernard Shaw said, “There is no sincere love than the love of food”. This holds absolutely true in my case for I believe food is not just eating but an ‘experience’. To further fuel my passion in the right direction and to understand the nuances of culinary arts, I believe I need to take up a professional course that’d allow me to learn under the mentorship of industry experts. I often cook for my family an average of three days a week and I never get tired or bored, I enjoy it. I am passionate about cooking because it excites me, inspires me, and encourages me to understand the delicate science of taste and nutrition.

I have been watching many culinary shows and follow a lot of world-renowned chefs on their social handles. However, the things I relish the most is discovering ancient Indian cooking techniques, understanding the chemistry of using spices, experiencing the subtle flavors of food when cooked on a slow flame, and observing how just a pinch of salt and sugar radically changes the flavour of a dish. I have volunteered to be a part of community cooking programs over a dozen times and have participated in various cooking competitions. I’ve also contributed with my new recipes to the YouTube channel Indian Recipes and have been covered by the Food and Nutrition magazine twice. With an admission in the prestigious Culinary Academy of India, I’d be able to hone my culinary skills and learn a great deal about this art form.

1.Enrich your vocabulary. Match the job terms with their meanings.

(1) to be your own boss(a) work that requires manual activity
(2) a dead-end job(b) an important powerful job
(3) a good team player(c) to be unhappy in an office job
(4) a heavy workload(d) a normal job having a duty of 8 hours
(5) a high-powered job(e) to be in a boring job that is hard to leave
(6) job satisfaction(f) a job with no promotional opportunities
(7) manual work(g) to have your own business
(8) to be stuck in a rut(h) to have a lot of work to do
(9) to be stuck behind a desk(i) enjoying your job
(10) a nine-to-five job(j) someone who can work well with other people


(1) to be your own boss(g) to have your own business
(2) a dead-end job(f) a job with no promotional opportunities
(3) a good team player(j) someone who can work well with other people
(4) a heavy workload(h) to have a lot of work to do
(5) a high-powered job(b) an important powerful job
(6) job satisfaction(i) enjoying your job
(7) manual work(a) work that requires manual activity
(8) to be stuck in a rut(e) to be in a boring job that is hard to leave
(9) to be stuck behind a desk(c) to be unhappy in an office job
(10) a nine-to-five job(d) a normal job having a duty of 8 hours

1.Read the dialogue given below and fill in the blanks with the appropriate job terms given above.

Varsha: Vivek, what kind of job are you looking for?

Vivek: Varsha, I want to _______ I don’t like a _______ My present job is not challenging. I am _______ I am not afraid of a _______ and I am a good _______ Moreover this is a _______ I am looking for an opportunity to try new winds


Varsha: Vivek, what kind of job are you looking for?

Vivek: Varsha, I want to be my own boss. I don’t like a dead end job. My present job is not challenging. I am stuck in a rut. I am not afraid of a heavy workload and I am a good team player. Moreover, this is a nine-to-five job. I am looking for an opportunity to try new winds.

1.Read the personal detail given below and prepare a suitable Statement of Purpose.

University of Bath, UK is one of the leading Universities for Business Studies. You belong to a business family – wish to start your own business carry forward your family business in the future. In your junior college, you have opted for commerce, scored well in your Std X Board Examination you made a profit in the stall you had put up in the business fair organized by your school/college. Your hobbies are playing cricket/hockey, you get along well with people.


Since my childhood, I have always had a knack for the inner workings of the business world. Belonging to a family that conducts business dealings on a daily basis, I would often tag along with my father and uncles whenever I could. Even as a kid, I was sure about my life’s goal – entry into the business world.

My curiosity was fuelled further by my grandfather, who would subscribe to magazines in the business world. Reading them became a childhood obsession and it helped me understand the verticals and horizontals of a market. Curiosity got the better of me and I researched and concluded that I want to further my education in Business Studies. This further encouraged me to study well and score good marks in Std. X so I can choose a wonderful college for the subject of commerce. I often love to indulge in a game of cricket and hockey. In these games, I tend to play the role of a strategist and juggle between being a part of the game and planning the next step for my team and myself. This exposure has built-in me the qualities of resilience and a far-sighted approach. Being a strategist and team player adds value in my skillset to inch closer towards my goal.

During my school days, I have often participated in the annual business fairs. My stall was set up with the help of my family as well as like-minded friends and I made substantial profits through such endeavors. Even in college, I participated in organizing annual festivals as well as business fairs where I handled many administrative duties singlehandedly.

I am aware that the University of Bath in the UK is one of the leading universities in Business Studies. This, according to me is the right platform to connect with spirited individuals and hone my skills for the future. It would be an opportunity to prove my mettle and carry forward my family’s legacy armed with sharp acumen and sound business understanding.

2.Read the personal detail given below and prepare a suitable Statement of Purpose.

You are an avid animal lover. You have a pet dog and some love birds at home. You are extremely fond of them. You have been a member of bird watcher’s club. You have loved going on a safari. You have taken care of orphan animals, or animals who are hurt. In school you loved Biology. You wish to make a career in this field. The University of Cambridge offers an excellent course/program which would boost your career. Make a Statement of Purpose which will help you to get admission to this University.


My first encounter with the animal kingdom happened when I was five years old. I was taking a walk in the park with my grandmother when she spotted a wounded sparrow lying unconscious on the grass. Together, we brought it home and I began to observe my grandmother tend to the bird every day until it got better. It was finally the moment to release the healed bird into the sky and I was extremely elated to see it flutter and fly away. That is when I decided to turn my passion into a lifelong journey.

It will soon be a decade since that day but my love for animals and birds has only multiplied. Over the course of time, I have contemplated and concluded that I want to study further on the topic of animal biology. To get further hands-on understanding of the subject, I have set up a small home sanctuary where I have rescued many animals including my pet dog, cats, sparrows as well as a few love birds.

My school days were laden with a heavy dose of Discovery Channel and Nat Geo documentaries. It prompted me to take the initiative of starting a Bird Watchers’ Club. Through the club, we embarked on many expeditions in forests and reserved zones on the outskirts of my town. After my Std. X examinations, our family vacation led us onto a safari trip that I enjoyed immensely. I remember returning home with a newfound zest to care for animals.

Throughout my academic life, I have conducted various drives that collected money for better care and treatment of animals. With the help of my friends and like-minded individuals, I have been able to create awareness and encourage support for my initiatives.

University of Cambridge is held in high regard when it comes to the course on Animal Biology & Behaviour. The opportunity to be a part of this course would give wings to my life-long passion towards the animal kingdom. I also believe that it is the right course to flourish intellectually as well as sensitively and make a positive impact on society.

1.Browse different websites and find out the universities offering best courses in Life Sciences, Arts, Sports, Music, Engineering and Medicine. Collect and share any other additional information related to the course which seems important.


Following are the best universities for the respective courses:

  1. Life Science –
    University of Cambridge, University of Massachusetts, Yale University, Oxford University, John Hopkins University, Homi Bhabha National Institute, India and Manipur University.
  2. Arts –
    University of Edinburgh, Hong Kong University, Pratt Institute in New York, Goldsmith University of London, University of Delhi, St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, and Loyola College in Chennai.
  3. Sports –
    University of Florida, Penn State University, The Ohio State University, National Sports University in India, Jain University in Bengaluru and Lakshmibai National Institute in Gwalior.
  4. Music –
    The Juilliard School, Curtis Institute of Music, Royal College Of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Berklee College of Music, Calcutta School of Music, and Sangeet Gurukul in Indore.
  5. Engineering –
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, Indian Institute of Technology, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, COEP in Pune.
  6. Medicine –
    Harvard University, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, AIIMS in Delhi, Christian Medical College in Vellore, Armed Forces Medical College in Pune and St. John’s Medical College in India.



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